"Phil is an incredibly captivating and versatile player who approaches the music he performs with great understanding and sensitivity. He has the wonderful ability to coax incredible depth of feeling even out of a single note, and with his amazing poise and concentration, he is able to completely captivate an audience and hold its attention. To have had pieces performed by him has been a great honour and pleasure, and I hope to be able to work with him again in the future."


- Maja Palser, Composer


"Philip has been teaching piano to my two children Joseph (currently aged 15) and Rose (aged 13) since September 2012, and has taken the kids to ABRSM grades 6 and grade 5 (respectively). In addition, he has taught them theory and got them both safely through their grade 5 theory exams.


He is great with both of them, establishing an excellent rapport and mutual respect which brings out the best in them and their piano playing! He is quick to encourage, and always rewards the smallest achievement before moving on to the improvements needed. He uses a variety of technical language and musical descriptions which are more familiar and evocative to the children in order to explain musical details: he relates easily to them and speaks to them at their level, while retaining an authority and maturity. Philip has accompanied them regularly for their violin and cello exams. He is someone they have come to rely upon, both musically and morally in stressful situations such as ABRSM exams."


- Dr. Clair Rowden PhD, Ma, BMus (Hons), FHEA


"As a violinist, I have performed with Philip in a duo, and within larger chamber and orchestral settings. I have furthermore had the pleasure of hearing Philip accompany singers, choirs, and instrumentalists on numerous occasions. Philip is a sensitive and musical pianist who truly understands the role of the accompanist. He adapts his playing to the needs, style and technique of the performer(s), giving helpful suggestions in rehearsal towards achieving a smooth musical dialogue. Philip’s friendly disposition and good sense of humour make him enjoyable to work with, building rapport with the soloist or other musicians – also very useful in calming any pre-exam nerves! While Philip is a fluent sight-reader, he ensures there is sufficient rehearsal before the day, until the performer is happy. I can highly recommend Philip as an accompanist for music exams, auditions, concerts or any other performance."


- Dr. Annika Gray, Violinist and Teacher


"As a composer and conductor I have collaborated with Philip, on and off, for nearly a decade. His wide performing experience and dedication, in particular, to new music have been invaluable in realising my own compositions. More recently, I have had the pleasure of working regularly with Philip in my role as Associate Conductor of Llandaff Cathedral Choral Society. His great ability as an accompanist is combined with a joviality of spirit which makes him always a joy to work alongside. Furthermore, Philip has recently started a blog which is funny, entertaining and full of intrigue, not unlike the man himself..."


- Alexander Thacker, Conductor and Composer


"Philip has been teaching my 13 year old son for over 3 years. He is an intuitive teacher who is empathic and sensitive to his pupils needs. He is upbeat and uses positive reinforcement always. His feedback to me is good humoured and helpful. He is perceptive and supportive of my son and flexible in his approach to music choices and lesson content. Tommy even after a bad day comes away from each lesson feeling better and uses the written report to support his practice. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


- Alyson Scourfield